Thursday, December 10, 2009

Standing Still

I am just sitting here in my office.. looking across to the rest of it's wide space.

I plugged in my ear phones and started playing haunting yet absolutely beautiful sounds of Yiruma's "River Flows in You" (you might know this better if I say the defacto name of this song - "Bella's Lullaby - this is what Edward Cullen plays to Bella Swan on the piano in the film Twilight )

The rest of the room... just moving.. all the people in it, running here and there trying to get something or other done.

So much sound.. so much talking, so much stress in people's faces and just so much worried and tired looks.

Yet I am here.. with my legs stretched, arms folded behind my head, phone switched off, banking easily in my chair listening to some amazing music and seeing the world pass by with so much anger, hatred, stress and over-whelming speed.

I do have work of course.. but I had this strange nag from my little days to STOP in the middle of everything and look at people.. and to let the world pass me by in a blur. It's just a fulfilling and an amazing feeling to stop everything and let your mind sit idle.

Just sharing with you all one of my wired habits ! :)

Why don't you all just stop once in a while ? ... look around you and see the rest of the world moving for a change... rather than trying to run with it all your lives ?


  1. seems like I am talking to my self here.

    well. we some one still stands with same feeling or shall we say 'similar birds fly together?'

  2. After a while with Your type of post :)

    You were in a precise moment which we all have sometimes. All who passed around you might having the same feeling sometimes. It's just for few minutes and badly have to returning to the race. There are no options apart from those small junks of times :(

  3. Nice song to feel like heaven... !!

    Well I think the problem inside me is I am always reserved with or without music.. So what I have to do is try to move with the world.. which is very hard to me to follow. :(

    adoo nash..!!! man thowa alla ganna hitiye..! uba mata bennalu neda? ibba!!! ahu weyankoo mata !!! Thatte palala seeni daanawa!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!!! parisan wela hitu!!

  4. @ malee... hell tatte palala seeni dhanava?
    ( i am off from ya... coz i really afraid to ya here after.)

    mama oyaata aaye baninne ne honde...

  5. Buru Babee- No dear... not u... man kiuwe ara Nash gemba ta..!!! U mata benalane..!
    balanna man wage chooty babekuta banina eka koi tharam narakada???????????? :((

  6. hik hik. i knew dat. even u are a saint i m afraid to ya now on..
    beri velavath math benala mageth tatte palala seeni demmoth hema?

  7. C what Nash did...! den mata baninna akkek wath nehe :(

  8. your post made me remember a sermon by Ven. Ajahn brahmavansa thero! He also advised people to 'Stand still' though I suppose ultimately he meant it in a different context :)
    anyway Nash, who'd have thought you'd inspire such religious thoughts huh? :P

  9. @ Buru

    :) .. Mad Cow !

    I would rather say that you happen be sitting still for far too long. Get your silly ass moving and catch a film, go for a walk or if it at all helps... get laid ! :P

    @ H

    Yup ! .. small chunks of time. Sin isn't it?

    I always say that Humans have made this world too complicated to live by their own selves ! ...

    Think about it.. we study for 25 years of our lives to live out the rest of the 25 years !


    Yup. the song is beautiful indeed. See..and you thought my taste for Orchestra and R&B music is boring ! :)

    Again.. just like that Mad Cow, you are sitting still for too long and when someone tries to do something about it... you run like a plague and hide under another rock !

    And yes.. I blasted you and I am still fuming with rage at you ! Tho magey thattey palanna issella mama thowa maranawa mata ahuwunoth!

    You stupid dumb imbecile.. umba kiwwada mama kiyapu they thaaththata ? .. umbata hariyanney a wagey deyak thamai !


    Orchestra music usually is ! and I always noted that it has a strange ability to slow down your time and see the intricate beauty of things around you.


    Ah.. Ajhan ! .. I think I did mention to you that I have met him about 3 times right? I even have an autograph book of his "101 Buddhist tales" (A truck load of dung)

    But, what I wrote was not an inspiration out of him.. it's just one of my wired habits I had from my small days.

    Me??... religious thoughts ??? HARDLY !

    But I am a faithful follower in "Human Humanity" If that classifies as a religion someday.. I can be elected to the board of directors :D :D

  10. @ Buru - c
    "Tho magey thattey palanna issella mama thowa maranawa mata ahuwunoth!"

    r u still going to take nash;s side ? mama uge thatte palanna witharai heduwe.. u mawa marannama hadanawa..!!! :((